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LSjatDS Studio

In LSjatDS Studio you will discover unique pieces of clothes, accessories, homeware, artistic ceramics all made within the philosophy of playing with colours, mixing humour with elegance, old with new, creating lines and stories.

Behind LSjatDS Studio you will find creator Signe Dahl Sørensen, she has a background in fashion design, textile design and handicraft.

I create in my own mode of expression, if you choose words to describe my universe: humor, artistic, colorful, whimsical animals and drawings, lines, stories. I work in a broad spectrum of creativity from fashion design and illustrations to artistic ceramic and expressive cushions.

My universe is unique. I love to create my own inspiration which can be everything from pictures of slimy animals to drawings and illustrations. Often I create one off pieces or work with smaller unique collections. From my inspiration and ideas, pattern cutting, sewing, painting and artistic ceramics are all by me. I have experience working within different areas ranging from sowing, machine knitting, digital printing, silkscreen printing, laser cutting, pattern construction, drawings and embroidery.

The materials I use range from my designs to textile discoveries while travelling, visiting charity shops to textiles sourced from Copenhagen. I create and often mix from these sources depending where my inspiration takes me.


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Unit 40, Avenue C, Nottingham NG1 1DW, UK


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