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'Its Simple Clothing' is a Nottingham based High End Streetwear brand and has been established since 2014. The company was started by brothers Liam Bateman and Kurtis Bateman, they decided to start the business after Liam had a horrific injury whilst playing for Aston Villa FC. The company went from strength to strength in its opening years, being featured in multiple music videos and being worn by professional footballers.

The unique selling point of the brand is that each individual piece is limited to 50 pieces and once those 50 have been sold, they will not go on sale again. This exclusivity gained the company popularity and helped guide the company to it's new venture in 2017. The company was officially listed as a limited company and are due to be opening a new shop in Sneinton Market, Nottingham. As well as offering garments to be purchased by customers, they will also be able to further specialise their garments by getting there names or whatever they choose embroidered on the items.

Its Simple Clothing Ltd now offers embroidery at a high standard enabling companies to build their brand without a minimum order. With the relationships Its Simple Clothing have built with other companies offering services in the clothing industry, they are now able to source what ever is needed by the client.

Its Simple Clothing Ltd focuses on making complex situations as simple as possible simple and this has been the driving factor behind their recent successes.

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