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June 4th 2019

See Hockley through the eyes of a student and explore what this amazing area has to offer to everyone.

It’s fair to say that most students who come to Nottingham for three years won’t get to explore the majority of what the city centre has to offer. Mostly focused around the night life of the area surrounding Old Market Square and Lower Parliament, many students may not pay much attention to an area of culture and retail east of the direct centre. The Creative Quarter has a host of refreshing shops, bars and places of interest to add some variety to the typical trip into town. Places most familiar to students will be the Motorpoint Arena and the National Ice Centre but the following are some of the smaller establishments that might not be as commonly known.


Motorpoint Areana

Rough Trade

With only four locations across the United Kingdom and one in Brooklyn, this international brand is still likely to have slipped under the radar of most. The non-specific name is not likely to have inspired much intrigue from students, and it was only until I stepped inside that I appreciated what the store had to offer. A chain specialising in vinyl records and CDs, the store is likely to have something for any student that appreciates music, from the casual listener to the most passionate hobbyist.

Both contemporary and classic artists are featured, with new releases still getting vinyl publication for those interested in collecting. The store particularly has a lot to offer for those looking for a career in or looking to study music or its associated technologies, on offer is a varied selection of books that cover a range of topics, from autobiographies to the political impact of music. For me, writing a dissertation on the radio, it was a fantastic 11th hour discovery that gave me new reading material to explore.

Find our more at

Rough Trade

Rough Trade

The Boilermaker

Many students may be familiar with Baa Bar on Goose Gate but if you’re looking to add variety to your night out, there’s a lot more out there. Just up the road from Baa Bar is one of Nottingham’s hidden venues. The Boilermaker may not seem like much from the outside, perhaps a closed off office space or an abandoned housing unit or…you know…a boiler shop but looking a little deeper reveals a cosy and unique cocktail bar. With most drinks being around £8, it’s definitely a once in a blue moon treat, but I’d recommend checking it out at least once if you’re at all interested in cocktails. I’ve never paid much attention to that genre of drinks before, but the entire concept of a hidden cocktail bar did its job in getting my attention.

Fair warning there’s pun-based drink names like “Strong Gindependent Woman” and “Figgy Stardust” but at least that’s the worst thing you’ll have to stomach.

Find out more at

The Boilermaker

The Boilermaker​

Broadway Cinema

Probably the most recognisable place on this list, the Broadway Cinema is a great hub of both mainstream and modern cinema. Reasonably priced and with membership benefits offering great discounts, it’s great for anyone wanting to keep up to date with what’s new. However, this is not new information for most people, what might interest you is what’s on offer below the surface. It wasn’t too long ago that I enjoyed a film themed pub quiz in the Broadway’s own Cafebar. Usually only £1 per person and with inexpensive drinks available at the bar, there are worse (and more expensive ways) to spend an evening with friends.

However, I did lose.

Movies and pub quizzes isn’t too much of a stand out for most university students but something unique that most students should try at least once is the range of film-festivals that the Broadway hosts. A selection of classics and films that you’ve likely never seen before is just the tip of the iceberg, these events often play host to a variety of on screen and off-screen film and tv professionals. These guests will have a unique insight in to the world of media and the entertainment industry, especially recommended for those wanting to go on and work in the media industry.

Find out more at


Broadway Cinema

Blend and Sneinton Market

The centre piece of the Creative Quarter is Sneinton Market. The centre piece of Sneinton Market is coffee shop Blend. There’s a lot on offer at the Avenues, the home of many creative and media businesses. The Avenues contain a variety of interesting places to visit and experience something new. You can learn how to exercise like a circus acrobat, learn to cook authentic Vietnamese food, improve fitness with expert dance lessons and a lot more. Some businesses specialise in anything from photography to wedding stationery. All of this can be based around Blend, your own personal hub for the day. Whether you’ve come down to explore the area or for a specific activity, it’s likely you’ll want something to eat or drink to keep you fuelled.

Blend’s website is

Find out all that Sneinton Market has to offer at

Blend 190604 165526

Written by Jamie Bailey, final year International Media and Communications studies Student at University of Nottingham.

Cover photo credit: Hockley Hustle

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