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Its Simple Clothing Q&A

November 23rd 2017

Its Simple Clothing, the stylist tenents of Sneinton Market Avenues is a brand that was made for customers who enjoy slick and simple designs that kicked off in 2014! Their aim is to supply quality clothing at an affordable price. They like to see Its Simple as a way of life, once you take out all the unwanted complications ‘its simple’. Here’s the questions we got to ask them to found out more about their booming business;

Tell us about your business…

Its Simple Embroidery is a service that can supply businesses and also brands like ourselves with quality embroidery, as we know how hard it can be to find quality embroidery in a close proximity especially 3D embroidery! Embroidery is made ‘simple’ as we take away all the stress by supplying the garments used, all we need is the logo/design, colour, location and size. The motto is Its Simple, the lifestyle is Blood, Sweat and Dreams.

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Its Simple clothing

What made you want to get into this particular industry?

It was important for us to get into an industry that we actually were interested in and could use our own life experiences to influence the progression of the company. Clothing is an overlooked form of art, you can translate any message you want and possibly promote something positive to others that feel the same way we do. That’s why ‘Its Simple’ and ‘Blood, Sweat and Dreams’ were chosen, anyone who has had to put their blood and sweat into their dreams to make it a reality is able to relate with our brand. Also, clothing is an essential part of life and is used every day which makes the potential for a profitable business possible

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How did your business start?

One of the director’s, Liam Bateman was playing football for premier league side Aston Villa until he suffered a double compound fracture to his leg which hindered his career. The other director, Kurtis Bateman had just completed his Masters in Numerical techniques and Finance. Due to Liam being injured (home-bound) and Kurtis deciding that he wanted to start a business, the timing couldn’t have been better. This was three years ago.

How did you come up with your company name?

Its Simple is the outcome when you put your Blood and Sweat into your dreams.

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What inspires your work and designs?

What inspires us, this is a great question! Everything that goes on around us we guess and creating simplicity out of complex surroundings. We like to get artistic with some designs when we believe others will be able to relate to the message and then other times we try to keep the design as simple as a font. So to summarise we think the easiest answer would have to be life!

Who’s in the team?

Officially there are only 2 members of the team, this being the 2 directors Liam and Kurtis Bateman. However, it would be ridiculous to think that the company would have got to this point without the help of some extremely vital people. We work very closely with Graphic Designer, Georgia Murray to get our ideas and concepts into a design. We’ve worked with some great models over the years which has allowed us to showcase our items in an amazing way. The photographer that we work with ‘Tiny Mac’ has been great to work alongside. The bloggers that we’ve worked with have had a big impact, whether from the UK or internationally and many others.

Are you working on anything in particular at the moment?

At the moment our main project is steadying the business ship after opening our shop and making sure our website is up to date and matching with the quality of our shop!

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Why did you choose Sneinton Market to base your business?

We couldn’t think of a better place to be located so close to Nottingham city centre that’s affordable. Sneinton Market is historically known as a place of trade, which adds to the feel of what we’re about. The opportunity to be a part of the creative quarter was really appealing to us. Since moving in we have already done work with various companies on Sneinton Market, the benefits have certainly been noticed from the very beginning. We believe great things are going to be happening around this area and we really hope we can bring something to the area/community.

Have you got any future projects coming up?

Yes, a really exciting project has presented itself for the New Year, but we have to keep this one quiet until everything has been finalised. But if you keep up to date with our social media pages we’re sure you’ll find out soon enough.

To keep updated and find out what Its Simple Clothing have in store for the new year, follow their social media pages:
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