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Could exploring the USA help your career or business?

February 16th 2020

Applications are open for the Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship, a unique professional development opportunity that enables you to spend six to twelve weeks in the USA immersing yourself in American culture. It is open to anyone living or working in Nottinghamshire aged between 21 and 35.

The Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship is awarded annually to young men and women aged between 21 and 35 working and/or living in the City or County of Nottingham primarily engaged in trade, commerce or the professions.

The closing date for 2020 applications is March 6th.

The Scholarship consists of a gift of money to enable the successful applicant to visit the United States of America for a period of between 6 weeks and three months.

No formal qualifications are necessary, the only requirements for this Scholarship are that the candidates:

  • Are between 21 and 35 years on 1st September 2020.
  • Live or work within Nottinghamshire
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The Trust was established on 5th November 1946 by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Francis Carney, after discussions with Dwight D Eisenhower on 20th October 1945. The objective was to recognise the great services rendered to the Nation by the late Franklin Delano Roosevelt as President of the United States of America during the Second World War and to perpetuate a local living tribute to his memory.

Extensive travel throughout the USA is encouraged so that scholars can appreciate the climatic, social, cultural and geographic variations of the United States.

  • You are encouraged to stay with American families. Whilst some hotel, YMCA or Youth Hostel accommodation is expected you should aim for at least 50% in a home environment.
  • You should not expect or seek paid employment.
  • This is not a ‘back pack’ student visit. You are expected to be presentable at all times and seek opportunities to promote the scholarship through personal contact and meetings, at schools, clubs, newspapers and radio and television appearances.
  • You are expected to investigate some aspects linked to your work, which may be of value to you upon your return to Nottinghamshire.
  • You will be a travelling scholar and not expected to spend more than 3 weeks in any fixed location. The usual tourist ‘haunts’ will only form part of your visit.
  • At regular intervals during your stay, you will be expected to communicate with the secretary or your mentor. This should demonstrate the experiences and impressions you have encountered. Different forms of social media use are encouraged.
  • Upon your return it will be your duty to speak to the secretary who will give details of speaking engagement to fulfil. In addition, you will arrange similar engagements and give details to the scholarship secretary.
  • On completion of your travels you immediately join the prestigious club of past scholars “The Roosevelt Club” and attend the club celebration each year. Past scholars are expected to be most active in the years immediately after their return.
  • The board of trustees included some past scholars along with key business people of Nottinghamshire.

Interested? Find out more on the NRMTS website (from where the above text has been borrowed). Click HERE.

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