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Calling for contemporary artists, collectives and makers to take up residence in new studios.

April 5th 2019

In April 2019, BACKLIT will be expanding their current studio and gallery space from two floors to three. They currently provide approximately 50 affordable studio spaces for contemporary artists. Their expansion into the 4,960 sq foot basement of their building will offer an additional number of larger spaces.

BACKLIT are calling for contemporary artists, collectives and makers to apply for Studio space on their new basement floor. These would be artists and collectives who are interested in a long-term tenancy in a larger space. These individuals or collectives would ideally be keen to play a fundamental role in shaping the direction of this new space from the very beginning.

The space will also offer a platform for personal and professional development opportunities, such as working with community groups or offering input into gallery programming, for those who wish to access it. This is also an opportunity to become more deeply involved in Nottingham’s thriving arts scene. With a high number of artist-led collectives, small galleries and studios, Nottingham draws in talent from across the East Midlands, so there’s plenty to discover.

Book a tour

BACKLIT are inviting anyone who is interested to join for a tour of the building on 12 April 2019. This will be a chance for you to see the space, meet members of the BACKLIT team and ask any questions that you may have.

Studio sizes start from approximately 3.6 x 3.4m and prices will start from around £149 per month.

If you have any questions, please email:

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