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Writing Workshops with Helen Cross

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17th February 2019

Bring yourselves, bring your ideas, bring your pens!

Writing Workshops for all World Jammers with Helen Cross as part of the series inspired by the heritage of Nottingham's women writers, Write Like A Girl. These workshops are for Men and Women.

Workshops are free.

You can write in any language you choose.

Completed work will be submitted for the Write Like a Girl Anthology at the end of the project.

What is Write Like A Girl?

Write Like a Girl is an exciting heritage project celebrating the work of Nottingham’s female writers throughout history. Nottingham Writers’ Studio recognises the contribution of local heroes such as DH Lawrence, Lord Byron and Alan Sillitoe to the city’s cultural history, however
the Studio wants to dig deeper to learn more about our female literary inheritance. To do this, we are working with writers from five diverse groups in Nottingham to create new work inspired by these women.

Which writers is the project focusing on?

We’re delighted to be focusing on the lives and work of historical women Mary Howitt, Susannah Wright, Helen Cresswell, Dorothy Whipple and contemporary poet, Panya Banjoko.

What groups are involved?

One of the things we’re most excited about for this project is the diversity of the groups and people taking part, they are: Nottingham Writers’ Studio, Bromley House Library, Maggie’s Cancer Centre, RISE Learning Zone, Nottingham Black Archive and World Jam.

How will it work?

If you take part, you’ll join a series of workshops led by award-winning writer Helen Cross. Helen's first novel, My Summer of Love, won the Betty Trask Award in 2002, which was subsequently made into a BAFTA winning film starring Emily Blunt. She’s since released two
further novels, a number of short stories, screenplays and radio plays.

During the workshops you’ll be invited to create new work inspired by the women who are the focus of the project. We’re open to work in many forms, be it poetry, story story, script, lyric or something else! We’ll
then collect all the work created during the project for a special Write Like A Girl anthology.

You’ll be invited to a celebratory launch event, where you’ll receive a free copy of the anthology and a certificate recognising your involvement.

Who can take part?

You! The project is open to everyone who wants to embrace the challenge of writing, whether you write for pleasure or publication, if you’ve been writing for decades, or you’re just beginning on your writing journey.

When will it take part?

Workshops will take place Sundays 3/ 17 Feb, 3 / 17 March 2-5pm 2019.
The anthology will be designed, printed and launched before the end of April.

Will it cost anything?

Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the workshops are completely free!

Event details

4 Gedling Street, Sneinton Market, Unit 6

0115 860 0051


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