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Sweet Williams, Grey Hairs, Nick Jonah Davis

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25th September 2019

Grey Hairs & Gringo Records presents:


"Sweet Williams is a band from Europe. They formed in 2010. Where Does The Time Come From is the band's third album, their second with Gringo Records.

Sweet Williams are a deep and emotionally crushing vehicle. They have fat cyclical dirty bass. They have looping relaxed yet hefty drums. The bass and drums tie each other together. They sound like the backbone of an early 70s gnarly road warrior band, recorded at Muscle Shoals, dashing through to the next show. The two guitars are played with a "3am, final drinks, get the hell outta here, the bell rung long ago" touch. The two guitar's strings are dragging the rhythm around like a worldly wise and weary puppet master might haul his charges around a seafront theatre. They pull the drums and bass apart, making them dance, they are playing in the spaces.

This is a heavy record. In the same way a death in the family is heavy. In the same way a job redundancy is heavy. If you listen carefully it sounds like all the instruments were played by hand, no drum sticks, no plectrums. Like the sound is being channelled
rather than pummelled.

Thomas House is the driving force behind Sweet Williams. He now lives in Zaragoza, Spain. He did live in Hastings, UK. He works behind the bars, he puts out records, he puts on shows. His bands have toured through Europe; Sweet Williams now, Charlottefield (Fat Cat Records) before. It's Tom's voice that you hear. Lyrical themes: Love, sex, dread, betrayal, injustice, death, the end of the world. Vocal style: Deep as hell feeling, dark as heaven vibe, the richest melody. This is music from the heart.

Where Does The Time Come From is out in September. Gideon Coe (BBC 6Music) has already played Ride A Gold Snail, three months upfront. And it's no wonder. The tune is enormous. All ten tracks on this record melt you. Go walk your dog. When you get in, and while the satisfied hound sleeps at your feet, put this through your headphones. Decide to do more with yourself, do more with your close people. Decide to improve. Some records make you think, some make you act."

Joe Thompson (Hey Colossus, Henry Blacker)



"Nick Jonah Davis is one of the select band of living solo acoustic guitar players whose music is not only virtuosic, but genuinely exciting" - fRoots Magazine

'Nottingham-based Nick Jonah Davis is a formidable guitarist in the tradition of Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, etc. Though there’s a clear comparison to be made with the monolithic John Fahey, perhaps there’s a more British sensibility to his playing. Making use of modal tunings to create a resonating whole, Davis’s spindly melodies sometimes hither and thither on top, whilst at other times forthright lines are prominent.The effect is always a thoroughly rich and nourishing, highly spirited series of wordless tales.' - Crushing Death and Grief

Or should that be GRECIAL SPESTS?

£6adv from -
and in person from Forever Records.

Starts 8pm. Bring your own booze but behave yourself please.

Event details

JT Soar
Aberdeen Street, Nottingham



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