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Massicot + Slagheap + The Mysterious Monopole

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25th February 2020

MASSICOT are a Geneva trio that sound as if they can hardly contain their own energy. The no-frills bone-dry guitar sounds oscillates between hypnotically repetitive passages and noisy outbursts. Simone Aubert plays her rhythm guitar with a manic relentless energy. Drummer Colline Grosjean works her way from funk to krautrock to tropical beats and back again. Then over all that, in addition to her vocals, Mara Krastina plays her charming bright red mini-bass with a velocity that is guaranteed to ensure bodies start moving. Their new album is due out about now on the Harbinger Sound / Spurge Recordings label.

SLAGHEAP are pure unfiltered energetic post-punk nonsense from four women in their pants. In turns melodic, naïve and raucous. The debut album from this Bristol quartet has been winning over fans everywhere and picking up plenty of airplay and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The 12" was the first release from Spurge Recordings and is a must if you're attuned to the attitude and tunes of The Raincoats or Au Pairs amongst others. But be assured this isn't a simply retrospective sound.

THE MYSTERIOUS MONOPOLE brings together questions of noise and gender in ways that veer between the baffling and the confrontational.

Event details

JT Soar
Aberdeen Street, Nottingham


£6.00 - 8.00

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