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Sneinton Market has been a historical landmark for many generations in Nottingham. Over the years it's been home to wonderful events, activities and the traditional market stalls that thrived back in its day. But times move and like fine wine, Sneinton Market has only got better with age. The area is recognised by its local and is always thought highly of, the 2014 refurbishment of avenues A-C that created communal and office space for creative and digital industries was a great success in bringing the area back to life. By filling it with buzzing and vibrant businesses with a variety of different lines of work, it created a community and a friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to people from all walks of life. It started bringing people together again, like from back in the day and it's attracted many down here to this day.

Sneinton Market

Sneinton Market facing Sneinton Market Avenues

There are still great elements of the past on the Sneinton Market square with the fruit and veg stall that's there every Monday morning where locals can still get their fresh goodies. Every month is the vegan food market which has proved popular with the turn out they receive each time, it's nice to know that these stalls are still important and people still enjoy buying their goods from.

Sneinton Market Veg

Sneinton Market facing Victoria Leisure Centre

Things are only going to go up and improve the area as new development plans are underway for avenues D and E! Big plans have been made to give a make-over to this part of the market that will really benefit the area and bring everything together, to increase greatness to the community. This revamp will represent the priorities of the communities and the needs that they'll have, being considerate of what will be in their best interest of the area. There will be plenty of activity brought to Sneinton Market that will make adequate use of the requirements for the residents. This will display good use of the services that are available for those that live, study and work in the area as it will provide leisure and make it possible for them to have easy access to and for it. It will open the area to public spaces and markets that will be held here and improve the links to the existing surrounding neighbours of the community.

“"The design and structure of the buildings will maintain and improve the quality and value the character of the area. The historic features and architecture will be protected and minimise the loss of its natural environment."”

By developing and upscaling the buildings and units in Sneinton Market, it will make the area attractive and draw people to it and get them to return on a regular basis. It's going to have elements of urban design that will be able to be redeveloped on (if needed/wanted) and can be reused, this will give these buildings a multi purposeful use, as these will be able to be adapted to what they're wanted to be used for. The design and structure of the buildings will maintain and improve the quality and value the character of the area. The historic features and architecture will be protected and minimise the loss of its natural environment. There has been a lot of consideration when it has come to the historical and architectural elements of the sights and buildings within Sneinton Market, as these are what makes the market a landmark and how locals and visitors remember the area. This all has to tie in with the existing buildings. The same standard that was carried out with the 2014 ERDF development of Sneinton Market will be implemented in avenues D and E as these are the features that define Sneinton Market.

Dev Plans A
Dev plans B

With the new buildings that will be in place, they will be suitable and relevant to the surrounding buildings, not only in Sneinton Market but the buildings that are within the proximity of the area. Making it not stand out in a negative way but enhancing the development of the architecture. This will make an outstanding collection of buildings that compliment each other rather than be in contrast.

As these new builds come into place, it will provide many opportunities and activities within the area giving it a burst of movement. It will have a large part in the economic growth to the area towards the quality of goods and life to those that will live in and visit the area. It's going to provide a great amount of employment as there will be retail units and restaurants in place. Giving those opportunities to get back into work and be part of a growing area. It could also provide work experience and be a chance for those to gain new skills and lessons. While the construction is taking place, this will also provide working opportunities for those that are in the line of business. This place is already a hub to growing creative and digital businesses that are in the avenues and it's only going to continue to grow as people travel here just to visit certain businesses. This makes it a really intimate and collective place to visit and a chance for visitors to meet the makers of the products they buy from here. This is what goes towards the brilliant connection that Sneinton Market has with the public and a place worth visiting.

Dev Plans C
Dev Plans D

There will be a sense of identity to the area through the architectural brickwork that will be in place. The tones of the buildings will be slightly lighter than the original appearance of how it looked, this will still maintain its modern look and compliment the rest of the area making it look appealing to those that work here and visit. It will make a reference to the historic buildings and surroundings with its contemporary edge and textures.

An element of the development will be for student accommodation, height will be added to the south side on the new build. This will add definition and levels to the area making a great contrast of the look of the area. This will make up the 44 student living units in the building, creating round the clock activity around the site. This will go towards supporting the day and night activities that will be taking place from the new retail and restaurant units. Giving the area a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere.

The area will also be a safe and controlled environment that will provide pedestrianised walking areas with pavements and walkways with access to crossings. The access to the area will be controlled by gates that will make it calm and secure for those working and living in this establishment. The gates will also reduce the site traffic and improve the security of this particular area.   

If you would like to see all the plans and documents about this refurbishment, then please see the public access documents that were submitted to Nottingham City Council.

The Sneinton Market Design and Access Statement, produced by Leonard Design Architects is available for download in PDF format here.

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